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Elena Pokinchereda

Novosibirsk, Russia

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Archive of Chow-Dalen news

Happy New Year!

28 of December, 2008

1 red, 1 cinnamon (mother Kessy Fain Infanta) and 3 black daughters (mother Zho Tem Mon Sher) of our Simon are looking for the new homes!

15 of December, 2008

13 December, Novosibirsk, International dog-show «Sibir — XXI vek», judge of breed — Nemanja Jovanovich (Serbia), judge of group — Ljudmila Moon (Russia). Our results:
SimonCW, САС, Best Dog, CACIB, Champion of RKF, BOB, BIG-1!
Kapriz Zheni Zabava Putyatishna (the daughter of our Shon) — CW, CAC, Best Bitch, CACIB!

Ljudmila Moon, Lena and Simon — 1st in Group!

24 of November, 2008

On the 19th of November black JCH RUS, CH RUS Zho Tem Mon Sher (Zhanna) gave birth to 5 puppies: 1 red dog, 1 red bitch, 3 black bitches! The father of the puppies — our Simon!

Happy parents Simon and Zhanna

06 of November, 2008

Today red Kessy Fain Infanta (JCH RUS, CH RUS, RKF, CLUB, GRAND) gave birth to 7 puppies from our blue Simon! Unfortunaly, 3 puppies (2 blue bitches and 1 black dog) were lost... But 1 blue bitch, 1 blue dog, 1 cinnamon and 1 red bitch and their mother are very well!

02 of November, 2008

Today in Novosibirsk there was Novosibirsk regional dog-show«Dostoyanie Sibiri — 2008», judge E. Lepekha (Novosibirsk) where our Bob (Zhdannyi-Zagadannyi Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya) became CW, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB!

23 of October, 2008

On the 6th of August our Simon and Kuba Tochka Ru Sobaka got married! :-) Now they have 4 children who are growng to see the photos from the wedding of their parents!

Simon and Kuba

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18 of October, 2008

Today in Novosibirsk there was all-russian dog show «Cup of Siberia — 2008», judge E. Senashenko (Moscow) where our Bob (Zhdannyi-Zagadannyi Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya) debuted as a junior and won titles CW, JCAC, Best Junior!
Simon (Est Takoy Paren Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya)CW, CAC, Best Dog, BOB, CH RFLS, BIG-3!

07 of October, 2008

On the 1st of August, 2008 the Kennel name was registered. Now we are «CH-DALEN» — dalen of chow-champions!

05 of October, 2008

Today in Novosibirsk there were regional (judge Lepeha) dog show and chow-chow speciality (judge Ivanischeva) where our Bob (Zhdannyi-Zagadannyi Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya) twice became Best Puppy!

03 of October, 2008

Our Simon became the Father again! Red Tochka Ru Sobaka born 4 puppies: cinnamon girl and boy and black girl and boy! Our congratulations to the breeder of our Shon — Julia Khutoryanskaya!

25 of September, 2008

Today red bitch Bikaya Bessy (CH Rubin Asterhaus Korolevskiy Podarok x Ravju Flaffi) born 1 black big (0,5 kg) boy from our Simon!

05 of September, 2008

Some family photos of Chow-Dalen look at our Museum!

Our Simon became The Father! Red bitch Iris Zolotaya Zvezdochka (ow. I. Konoferchuk, Iz Ryzhey Stai Kennel) born 5 puppies: 1 blue girl, 2 black girls, 1 cinnamon and 1 black boys!

29 of August, 2008

We have the new photos of our chow-chows! Look at the Bob, Simon and Shon!

30 of June, 2008

Yesterday our Simon and his beautiful girlfriend Infanta were engaged! :-)

Simon and Infanta (JCH RUS, CH RUS, RKF, CLUB, GRAND)

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28 of June, 2008

Today there was all-russian chow-chiw speciality «Siberian Bears» in Novosibirsk. Judge  V. Kaufman. Our results:

Bob (Zhdannyi-Zagadannyi Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya) — Best Baby
Simon (Est Takoy Paren Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya) — Best Dog, BOB, Club Winner, Champion of National Club!
Kapriz Zheni Zabava Putyatishna (the daughter of our Shon) — CW, CCC!

02 of June, 2008

On the 1st of June on all-russian dog-show under judging of M. Permyakova the daughter of our ShonKapriz Zheni Zabava Putyatishna received JCAC, BJ, BOB, BIJ-2, BIG-1! Our congratulations to her owner Zhanna!


30 of May, 2008

Our new chow-chow, black male Bob (Zhdannyi-Zagadannyi Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya (Ravju SimonaHIMWIN HEAR SAY) is 4 months now. Look at his photos and pedigree on his page.

20 of May, 2008

Puppy for sale: black girl, 2,5 months age, first choice of stud dog owner. Inbreeding 3:5 on Baitor Balakirev (UK).

Father: CH Djulideil Tsai Shen, cinnamon (CH Djulideil Favorit (red) x CH Tochka Ru Sobaka (red).
Mother: Zhanita Sher Quilfok, black (Wiliam Cream for Luck (cream) x Exellence Shik (black)


14 of May, 2008

On the 11th of May on regional dog-show the daughter of our ShonKapriz Zheni Zabava Putyatishna received under judging of S. Abrakimov (Moscow) CW, JCAC, BJ, BOB, BIG-2! Our congratulations to her owner Zhanna Minina!

09 of March, 2008

Today our Simon took part into 3 dog-shows in Omsk and completed two titles: Junior Champion of National Club and Champion of Russia! Chow-Dalen’s citizents are proud of him very much!

1) Regional chow-chow speciality, judge M. Patrina (Moscow)
results: exellent 1, CW, Best Junior Dog, JCCC, JCH Club

2) Regional dog-show, judge M. Kuznetsova (Tumen)
results: exellent 1, CW, Best Dog, CAC, BOB, BIG-1

3) All-russian dog-show, judge T. Kachevskaya (Ekaterinburg)
results: exellent 1, CW, CAC, CH RUS!

05 of March, 2008

New chow-chow in Chow Dalen! Meet Mister BOB — Zhdannyi-Zagadannyi Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya (Ravju SimonaHIMWIN HEAR SAY)!

Mister BOB — Zhdanny-Zagadanny Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya

04 of March, 2008

Our Simon took part into 3 dog-shows! His results:

16.02.2008, Novosibirsk, all-russian dog-show «Sozvezdie Psov», judge G. Kochetyreva
titles: CW, JCAC, BJ, BOB, BIJ-5, BIG-3

23.02.2008, Moscow, Euroasia — 1, judge A. Zhuk (Belorussia)
titles: exellent (intermediate class)

24.02.2008, Moscow, Euroasia — 1, judge M. Kavchich (Slovenia)
titles: exellent, RCAC (intermediate class)!

10 of February, 2008

Look at the beautiful daughter of our Shon and Ravju Fluffy!

Today our Simon with big success took part into 3 dog-shows in Omsk!

Regional chow-chow speciality, judge J. Ovsyannikova (Ufa)
results: CW, Best Junior Dog, JCCC

Regional dog-show «Zimny Olimp -2008», judge N. Grigorieva (Omsk)
results: CW, JCAC, BJ, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2

Regional dog-show, judge E. Kozina (Bugulma)
results: CW, JCAC, BJ

08 of February, 2008

Our congratulations to Valeria Rakuta — the breeder of our Simon and the owner of Ot Sibirskogo Medvedya Kennel! On the 12.01.2008 her World Winner Ravju Simona born the puppies from HIMWIN HEAR SAY!

Ravju Simona with her puppies

02 of February, 2008

Today there was regional dog-show «SDKC» in Novosibirsk. Judge  E. Krylova (Magnitogorsk). Our results:
Simon — exellent 1, CW, JCAC, BJ, BOB, BIG-1
Monika — exellent 1, CW, CAC!

14 of January, 2008

On the 12th of January there was regional dog-show «Zimnie vstrechi» in Novosibirsk. Judge  E. Kuplyauskas. Our results:
Simon — exellent 1, CW, JCAC, BJ, BOB!

On the following day, in Krasnoyarsk there were two dog shows:
1) chow-chow speciality «Rozhdestvenskie vstrechi — 2008», judge N. Sedykh (S-Petersburg)
Simon — exellent 1, CW, JCCC, BJ, BOB!

2) regional dog-show «Rozhdestvenskie vstrechi — 2008», judge T. Kachevskaya (Ekaterinburg)
Simon — exellent 1, CW, JCCC, BJ, BOB, BIJ-2, BIG-2!

09 of January, 2008

We have new photos of all of our dogs! Look at chow-chow Monika, Shon, Simon and George on their pages!
chow-chow Monika chow-chow Shon chow-chow Simon chow-chow George
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